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AILG Accreditation Review Basic Data Form - Welcome Page

Guide to filling out the Basic Data Form

Welcome to the AILG Accreditation Basic Data Form (BDF). This online system allows you to fill in sections of the form, submit the form for update, and save the results with all of your edits in place. You may then work on it again later to update or add information. Your saved copy from a previous review cycle will be used to initialize input fields and reduce your data entry time when preparing for a new review.

You may access the form for your organization by selecting the name of your FSILG from the list at the bottom of this page and entering the passphrase assigned to your group. You may view a blank sample form by pressing the Show me a sample form button.

Encrypted Forms

Since 2011 we have stored the forms in an encrypted format on Athena. All members of your organization to whom you authorize access by providing them the encryption key will be able to view and edit the form on this site. Your submission to the Accreditation Coordinator is done simply by sending an email providing the date and time you last saved the form. The encryption key is not stored on Athena and will be known only to (1) your organization, (2) the Accreditation Coordinator, and (3) the Chair of the Accreditation Committee.

Anyone with the key may access the form to

Once the form is reserved for modification, earlier versions may still be viewed, but no other member of your organization may reserve it for modification until it is released. A reservation lasts for three hours and may be renewed at any time for another three hours. Even if you do not renew your reservation, you may still save your changes after the reservation has expired as long as no other person has made a reservation. A person taking out a reservation following an expired but unsaved reservation will be warned that the previous reservation expired without saving, and will be encouraged to call or send email to the person whose reservation expired before beginning work.

If you close your browser without saving your changes or releasing your reservation, your changes will be lost, and you will need to wait until the current reservation expires.

Work Together

We request that the alumni/ae and undergraduates work together on the completion of the form, and return a single form with both alumni/ae and undergraduate responses. You may do this by coordinating times for accessing the partially completed form by various officers and advisors. Each contributor may individually reserve the form, add information, save the form and then release it for editing by the other responsible parties.

More information

Further details about editing the form and saving work are provided at the top of the form once you have made a reservation and are ready to begin editing.

Select your organization, enter your passphrase, and press "Submit".

Your passphrase is case sensitive and consists of the entire second line of the encrypted PDF you were sent. Include all punctuation. Any space characters within the passphrase will be single spaces unless you have been informed otherwise. This form will remove any leading or trailing spaces.

Note: If you are using a shared computer, when you are done, please be sure to completely exit from any browser you are using, and if possible log out of the system, in order to protect your organization's passphrase.

If you do not have your passphrase, please follow the instructions on the AILG Accreditation Review Secure Passphrase Request Form.