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AILG Accreditation Review Secure Passphrase Request Form

Use this form to have the Accreditation Coordinator send you your organization's passphrase for the Accreditation BDF system. In order to securely distribute your passphrase to you, this form will encrypt the information below and give you a Gzip file to mail to us. We will then send you a PDF file encrypted using the password you provide below.

You must be an alumnus/a volunteer known to us, and the email address you are providing must be known to belong to you (e.g. on record with the FSILG office). This is to protect your sensitive data. The Accreditation Coordinator must first manually determine from existing records that you are a volunteer from the requesting organization, and will then respond by email, sending the encrypted PDF. But to expedite the process, if we receive a request from an undergraduate or an unknown alumnus, we will send the encrypted PDF to the alumnus/a president on record, who may forward it to the requestor.

When you open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be prompted for the password you provide. The PDF file will contain the passphrase you need to use to access your data in the BDF storage system. You can then distribute this encrypted PDF and separately distribute your chosen PDF password to others in your organization whom you want to have access to your BDF.

Enter the requested information and press "Submit".
Be sure to memorize your password before pressing Submit.
Your Name:
Your role in the organization:  (alumnus/ae officer or advisor)
Your Email address:
Your desired PDF file password:  (32 chars max)
Additional information (optional):
After you press Submit an encrypted file called passphrase-request.txt.gz will be saved to your computer. Please email this file to as an attachment.
Note: If you are using a shared computer, when you are done, please be sure to completely exit from any browser you are using, and if possible log out of the system, in order to protect the password.


How secure is my data?
Your data is encrypted using an aes-256-cbc cipher. The key will be generated from a passphrase which will be known only to those in your organization whom you choose to give it to, to the accreditation coordinator, and to the chair of the accreditation committee. Neither the key nor the passphrase will be stored on athena. You will need to enter the passphrase to view or modify your data. We will provide the passphrase to you in a password protected PDF file.

May I change the passphrase?
The current passphrases were chosen to be something which would hopefully be meaningful to you and members of your organization but not guessable, even by insiders. Changing your passphrase requires decrypting all of your data and re-encrypting it with the new passphrase, but the passphrase can be changed if necessary, and should be changed if it has been compromised.

How do I get it changed, then?
Indicate in the optional information that you want it changed, and provide both the old passphrase and the desired new passphrase on the second and third lines of the comments. You will receive an encrypted PDF with your new passphrase (which may be modified slightly from your request). Be sure to also provide the password for the new PDF, which probably should be different than the password for the former PDF. The lines of the form intended for passwords and passphrases will clear when you submit the form.

When I pressed Submit my computer automatically unzipped the file. What do I do?
I'm just as happy to receive the file passphrase-request.txt as the file passphrase-request.txt.gz, so no problem.